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We are committed to ensure products that conform to the highest quality benchmarks. We strive not only to meet customer expectations, but to exceed those expectations. SAS is a growth oriented organization and our highly committed team of professionals always put emphasis on quality in the competitive and ever changing market environment. To us, quality is not just another responsibility, it is a passion. Therefore, as a natural progression, our products not only conform to BSTI Standards, but adhere to international standards as well.

•    Over 500 MPa.(72,500 psi) yield strength
•    Advantage of saving material cost by around 15%, compared to conventional 60 Grade rebars
•    Supreme bend ability ensures crack free usage, making binding 100% safe
•    Close rolling tolerance of all bar sizes gives per ton more meters of steel and a saving of around 0.050%
•    Our descaled bars, bond better with concrete and have less wastage at the construction site
•    SAS X BAR 500+ is safely weld able . By preventing large splices, save 0.50% to 1.50% of steel
•    SAS X BAR 500+ has X styled ribs that give better bonding than other bars available in the market
•    SAS X BAR 500+ can withstand temperatures of more than 550 Celsius that makes it more fire resistant and safer
•    We ensure perfect chemical composition using German Spectro Lab
•    With its better Elongation and Flexibility attributes, SAS X BAR 500+ is more tolerant to earthquakes
•    The factory and depots are installed with computerized weigh bridges to ensure exact weight
•    BUET TEST every material before using.
•    BSTI Approved materials used under construction project
•    Others safety & security ensure